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While the Association of Zoos and Aquariums was developing Animal Care Manuals for approximately species or groups [ 28 ], only 5 had been completed [ 29 ]. It is more important that the formal inspection process incorporates a measure of the degree of compliance, rather than the current system of simple YES or NO answers to general questions encompassing all the animals in the zoo, which is basically group-level welfare assessment without any defined levels of acceptability, and as such is limited in its effectiveness. sat essay writing help yahoo Whatever the cause s , employing an unofficial YES BUT outcome leads to a lack of consistency and clarity in the reporting process. Do animal enclosures provide sufficient space?

Formal inspections include at least one ZI and occur at the end of the licensing period in order to renew the zoo's licence renewal and once during the licensing period periodic. Provision of animal health care. essay writing service legit for college confidential There is an urgent need for the development of, and validation of, science-based species-specific guidelines for the care of animals in zoos. Animal Welfare Assessment in Zoos To achieve an effective and consistent assessment of animal welfare, the background knowledge of ZIs and the resources available to them should be as complete as possible. Substandard performance was also commonly reported for record keeping and unsatisfactory arrangements for post mortem examinations Table 1 , questions 3.

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Inspections are meant to last from most of one day up to three days [ 13 ]. Similarly, Section 5 of form ZOO 2 needs to be expanded to include additional criteria that take account of the impact of visitor presence on the welfare of zoo animals, as well as physical contact between visitors and animals. Buy a literature review paper zoos Provision of suitable environment 1. It is also unclear how these guidelines will contribute to improving the welfare of zoo animals.

Questions on form ZOO 2 relating to animal welfare that were assessed by ZIs during renewal and periodic inspections. Provision of an opportunity to express most normal behaviour 20 - 1 Section 5: We considered a zoo to be substandard for a particular criterion when the ZIs marked NO, or where the ZIs marked YES but then recommended that a condition for improvement to meet the standards for that criterion be attached to the licence. Buy a literature review paper zoos Are appropriate veterinary records kept? Provision of protection from fear and distress 0.

Copies of reports were received for formal i. Are backup facilities for life support systems adequate? While the data were not suitable for more detailed analyses, we believe they support the general conclusions presented here, and provide the first baseline measure against which to monitor future changes. Buy a literature review paper zoos Abstract We analysed the reports of government-appointed inspectors from zoos between — to provide the first review of how animal welfare was assessed in British zoos since the enactment of the Zoo Licensing Act Of necessity, we had to treat all questions as being of equal importance.

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Species differences in responses to captivity: However, at the time of this study BIAZA listed just 17 separate guidelines for species or taxa, covering nine genera of mammals [ 27 ]. Do animal enclosures have sufficient shelter?

A complete list of licensed zoos in Britain was not available [ 7 , 19 ], but since Defra [ 19 ] listed zoos in England, the largest of the three national authorities, our analysis included a substantial proportion of British zoos and so is likely to be representative of the industry. This is an important step in improving animal welfare assessment in British zoos and thereby contributing to improving standards. i need help writing my essay yahoo answers Programmatic approaches to assessing and improving animal welfare in zoos and aquariums. Are supplies of food and water:

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Since the question whether the zoo permitted visitors to feed animals Table 1 , question 1. One inspection took place over two days; all other inspections were completed within a day. Buy a literature review paper zoos Weighting the assessment criteria would complement an improved system of grading infringements. Do all animals receive prompt and appropriate attention when problems are noted?

Since the data were not normally distributed, we used non-parametric statistics to identify factors associated with substandard animal welfare assessment in zoos. Provision of animal health care. Buy a literature review paper zoos We thank the Born Free Foundation for funding and Ros Clubb, David Main and two anonymous reviewers for their constructive comments on drafts of this paper. Provision of an opportunity to express most normal behaviour; Section 5: This article has been cited by other articles in PMC.

Do all animals receive prompt and appropriate attention when problems are noted? ZIs assessed zoos with a full licence as having significantly better standards for the provision of animal health care Section 3 than those with a dispensation under Section 14 2 of the ZLA Table 4. Whilst assessing individual animal welfare must be the priority for zoo staff and veterinarians, individual welfare assessment is time-consuming and may not be suitable for a short duration, infrequent formal inspection system.

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