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This chapter will discuss the sample of the study, its description, instrument, data collection, and data analysis procedures. Overall, to what extent do you feel the InterAct program has been an effective performance management tool? The leading hotel companies buy, sell, and create new brands for specific target markets constantly.

Please feel free to write any comments or explanations which you like; they will be used. The analysis of customer satisfaction factors may benefit customer satisfaction for various hotel departments. writing assignments service grade 9 The Cottage Rentals Department of the resort enables to rent one-third of about homes and 44 condominiums. That is why this research findings may be valuable for future research.

A cross-cultural comparison of perceived fairness and satisfaction in the context of hotel room pricing. There is an easy way to voice my ideas and opinions in the Resort so that they are considered. technical writer workshop Allow for open communication with 1 2 3 4 5 6 your supervisor c. The research included an analysis of major competitor companies in such industries as airlines, banking, basic foods, charter travel, gas stations, department stores and many others that share 70 percent of the market.

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Marketing Science, 16 2 , The measurement of customer satisfaction has become an important issue for researchers in service marketing and hospitality management. Also, 10 top positive and 10 top negative employee satisfaction response questions were found See Tables 7 and 8. Customer service thesis pdf Overall, considering what the Resort was like 6 years ago, would you say the Resort has:

As for the overall customer satisfaction in two hotels, the overall customer satisfaction for the Hotel A was 4. There were some differences in lodging facilities between the two hotel properties. Customer service thesis pdf In their research, Iglesias and Guillen differentiate the concepts of perceived value and customer satisfaction, showing that they are not synonymous.

Today companies need to excel in both customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction to gain: It is imperative that future research continue to examine customer and employee satisfaction factors in the hospitality industry, so that the hotel and resort management can be more knowledgeable and better prepared to satisfy both the existing and future customers and employees. In the s, Herzberg developed the theory that includes two components of job satisfaction: Overall, to what extent do you feel the InterAct program has been an effective performance management tool?

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The outcomes of the research show the association between satisfaction and productivity for goods as positive, and significant at 0. Giving you regular feedback on your performance No information was available for the researcher on the exact number of the employees who completed the employee satisfaction survey.

Conditions in my job allow me to be 1 2 3 4 5 as productive as I can be. Satisfaction with the Interact program implemented by the resort received the lowest positive mean percentage score of Physical Work environment g. paraphrasing in apa citation Friendly employee behavior will moderate the impact of a long wait on service outcome measures, such as repeat visit interactions and word of mouth.

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Wangeheim, Evanschitzky, and Wunderlich conducted a study that analyzed the relationships between employee and customer satisfaction. There was found to be statistical significant difference between the Hotel A and B customer satisfaction statements. Customer service thesis pdf Satisfaction with Your Department received the highest positive total percentage mean score of As for the validity, the regression analysis was an appropriate method for testing three hypotheses:

Of there, fifty customers were interviewed in a month period from the A Hotel, and customers were interviewed in the same quarter period from B Hotel. Employees at the Resort receive fair consideration for promotion or other career opportunities regardless of: The B Hotel seems to be more satisfying in terms of customer satisfaction ratings, even though the range between the most and least satisfying aspect of customer service is 0.

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